Friday, June 4, 2010

le love

SSD i fucking love this blog which is weird i suppose. im not this lovey dovey person. i dont shower people with affection actually it scares me a lot and if i really like someone they will watch me run away from it all until i finally get used to it. change is not something i handle well. but maybe thats why i recently started watching chick flicks and stuff. not my cup of tea but i feel like with watching them i can someone for that hour let go of those emotions as girly and/ or dumb as it sounds. anyway as i was saying le love is the cutest blog and people write in their personal stories and u realize how human everyone is. this story is one of my favs bc this person worded it perfectly how scary the thought of love is but how u dont let go. guuh lol enough with the icky stuff rawrawrawr im big and bad and i kick people in the face for fun lol

ps. i love that pic

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