Friday, April 30, 2010

tokyoflash has done it again

SSD tokyoflash always has the ultimate mind fucks of a watch and i love it. the kisai broke looks like a stained glass window and is usb rechargeable. i must give it to them its pretty fucking cool and u can actually tell time on it O_O SURPRISE BITCH

lets fuck shit up
SSD yes Augusta Cordovan Leather shoes are fucking beautiful but as of now nothing is superior to Acne Atacoma wedges. absolutely amazing i need to find shoes like these for the summer

"Atacoma has a cool hoof-like silhouette, combined with classic desert boot features. The high, elegant wedge has a panel in contrasting material at the bottom."

lets fuck shit up *dies*
dont be a hard rock when you really are a gem!

penelope dot

SSD before mad tv went to shit and got canceled these were my fav skits. dot was the shit and i still watch them online and know almost every line to those skits and aspire to be like her


lets fuck shit up OHHHH NOOOOOO

tea with tyson

lets fuck shit up- and run away bc mike tyson still scares me even wen he drinks tea

Thursday, April 29, 2010


SSD oh life couldnt be more complete. my day is starting off great. woke up not tired for once success! and i go on terry richardsons tumblr and he post this

if god was a celebrity stylist it would be rachel zoe. i FUCKING worship her!

then i saw this pic

greatest car in the world rolls royce

then i saw these

ysl shoes *dies*

this all means that i am allowed to love terry richardson i just cant let my friends know bc they mistake his awesomeness for creeperness and they believe he may possibly be the pedobear...

lets fuck shit up

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

worst news of the year

Scoundrels scalawags and FUCKING degenerates we must revolt against this foul troll who has decided to ruin what could be my amazing future. remember that scripted show my life as liz? well apparently someone at Pratt university knew i was very interested in transferring to their school because they took that emo fucking texas bitch and accepted her in the school and now theyre filming a season there. -_- i actually am really upset by this news because i really respect pratt and now am not sure if i want to even apply. whatever Mass Art was my number one choice anyway more reason to get out the city

let fuck MY LIFE up

true love

SSD she obviously had some bomb ass pussy

lady on divorce court what? this is why some people shouldnt be allowed to have children
it did make me laugh a bit tho but u.u

lets fuck shit up- like ur kids life!

The Night Before Christmas in Jamaican Patois

SSD saw this on my sisters fb page and thought this is just slight of genius

merry christmas to wanananal and tual a goodnight lol ^_^

lets fuck shit up!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

didnt post this sooner...

...bc it scared me, but its pretty fucking wizard. LA artist Kasey McMahon made a self portrait using cables and called it "connected"... get it bc theyre cables. awesome...>.> it creeps me out a lot but i gotta respect this chick this is amazing.

lets fuck shit up- *shivers*

circular walking bookshelf FTW

SSD the most amazing looking bookshelf ever. because paper books are still going strong and i refuse to be taken over by e-books and all the bullshit.

fuck the world- books!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

my dad

SSD if u had met my father when he had a beard u would understand why i used to tell everyone he was bob ross and why i love bob ross so dearly


SSD these are a few pics from my new fav tumblr The Daily

mad cream pause

bc superman does not wrong and i love him...and wear him on my undies!

lets fuck shit up

we are young money

SSD i believe this is an accurate portrayal of wat its like being part of young money

lets fuck shit up GUDDA GUDDA

Monday, April 19, 2010

where the brookynites hang- i mean where the dirty hipsters are

same thing right? filmed in brooklyn i believe this is actually a documentary about a group of hipsters on a saturday morning. this is wat they do

lets fuck shit up- id shave buy why?

so so true.

SSD and with this happy 4/20 guys.

lets fuck shit up- white castle!

flowers and tea and...

SSD want some tea with that PEW PEW!

fucking shit up- class status


SSD these are soooo BOSS. i am seriously about to picasso it out and steal this AAHHHHTTTT! lol gonna buy myself some white canvas shoes and do this shit

lets fuck shit up- run burgundy flow?

telephone minus the pussy wagon

SSD i am not really a fan of lady guy guy (although she is starting to grow on me) but this classical cover of telephone is fucking wizard! this is kind of genius and kudos to these bad ass mother fuckers for doing this flawlessly and it looked like they were having fun. i dig it

lets fuck shit


SSD here are Augusta Cordovan Leather shoes. they are fucking beautiful and amazing and the best leather and i love them. if i would actually put an effort in wat i wore and had thousands of shillings to waste on shoes id fucks with these HARD BODY!

lets fuck shit up- horse leather flow!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

pee wee that bitch

SSD thanks to a friend of the family who had this doll in her house when i was younger i now HATE porcelain dolls and pee wee herman.

lets fuck shit up- like childhood!


SSD kind of hard to ignore how much model lea deak looks like model agyness deyn. queen agy obviously started a new trend in modeling but couldnt u change the look just a bit? its such a copy its kind of embarrassing

lets fuck shit up

lea deak

queen agy

Thursday, April 15, 2010

SSD some no name television company has made the cutest tv's ever. rtc23 has teamed up with marvel comics to make iron man, captain america, hulk, wolverine, and thor themed tvs. honestly tre cool. now all they need is a superman one and id be in heaven

lets fuck shit up

I’d rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck- Emma Goldman

childrens blood makes me hair grow

my crazy curly hair now

SSD my hair within a year and a half

way before



way after (now)

def dying it light again. i miss my big sun hair

lets fuck shit up

edit- i love my black hair now that ive gotten used to it. no more dying my hair

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

you make me want you more

i knew when we collided

never never never gets old

maybe satan?

SSD no terry ur doing it wrong. why jersey shore boys? ive never respected anyone less that i do the jersey shore crew... maybe satan?

lets fuck shit up- fist pump flow

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

god forgives the beatles?

dear vatican,
do u think it makes a difference that uve actually forgiven the beatles after 40 yrs and 2 dead members?...fuck you

im so excited im so excited im so scared

SSD childhood

i guess this the the one ill be riding to school

SSD a modern penny- farthing. only $770. why not?

lets fuck shit up

i think we all know whos badass

SSD its me you're welcome ;D

lets fuck shit up

terry richardson

pharell and lupe. heck yes please!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


SSD i definitely love love love tina fey. chick is ridiculous and knows how to ruin sarah palins life. wats more funny that that?...

elementary school kids playing scarface thats what. actually its kind of disturbing i dont understand how these parents where like hmmm my 8 yrs old playing a drug lord why not?

lets fuck shit up

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