Monday, September 27, 2010

tumblr thieving

i love more than anything sitting in a bathtub *full or not* just enjoying the day if i could do that once a day id be the happiest girl in the world

i wish everyone loved lord of the rings

Monday, September 13, 2010

old spice dude

isaiah mustafa ;D

there goes mah BAAAABEH!

daisy lowe fucking perfect as hell. here she is at the lacoste spring 2011 fashion show at fashion week in new york doing her and being great at it. i have no idea where her belt is from but i will not sleep until i know. that is the classiest belt in ze world!



edit- Lowe paired her heavy-duty footwear with a Lacoste button-down and shorts, but it was her unusual faux-clock belt that was particularly eye-catching. "It belongs to my best friend, Jamie," she said.

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