Saturday, April 3, 2010

zombie nom pyramid

SCOUNDRELS SCALAWAGS AND DEGENERATES BE WARNED: a zombie apocalypse will be upon us. its just a matter of when and where it will breakout. i say boston, there are way too many laboratories there. the average person would give you the survival tactics you need in order to triumph over the living dead but i know you arent stupid and already own the zombie survival guide, have highlighted the most important sections and know that the chapter about battling zombies in water is total bullshit because although they cant die they also cant swim. so instead here is the food pyramid. our zombie kits def dont have helmets and they really should. it would also be awesome if you could get a hold of a mithril shirt like the one bilbo gave to frodo but since lord of the rings unfortunately isnt real we should be wearing some sort of armor to protect our chest. ovbiously zombies will find a way to rip out your stomach anyway but it will take longer for them to get there.

lets fuck shit up...zombie style

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