Friday, April 2, 2010

who the fuck is tio pepe?

Scoundrel Scalawags Degenerates, only when im sick do my parents want to travel as far away from home as possible to go eat without reservation. so of course we go down to fucking west 4th st to dine at Tio Pepe. i cant say i enjoy authentic mexican or spanish (and by spanish i mean from spain, had it been dominican food that shit would be on point) since i have a degree in picky eatery and therefore will try nothing that has touched vegetables, is something i cant pronounce or cant spell without having to write it.
we get there and for one its fucking freezing (not sure if it was because they decided to open the window like doors or if it was the a.c that was on or if im just really sick) second, bitches (and by bitches i mean my parents friends which i love dearly) want to order fucking octopus and shrimp as appetizers. the shrimps were actually amazing the octopus on the other hand i wish was never set on that table. it is the scariest looking think ever.
as the night goes on we order our food and dont talk much since its too loud anyway from the birthday party that is going on at the table behind us. throughout the night we got to see a tray of shots on fire (super pretty) and a dessert on fire (super pretty) and some more stuff on fire (super pretty). things are looking up until i remember im sick midway into my meal and i no longer have an appetite. so i ask for water and it seemed they were out of water and went down the fucking mountain with their buckets to the well by the river and rescued tikitikitembo while they were at it bc its took longer to get a glass of water then it did to bring our food. and so i said to the waiter

"i can do it myself asshole *puts straw in water canister* *drinks from it coughs a loogie in it* >=( its dirty...

except i didnt do that at all. i just drank my glass of water and asked for another one. then after i recovered from my moment of dehydration i actually had a good time. listening to old communist men always make me happy.
no matter how shitty of a day it can be being with my family is really all that matters at the end

p.s.- fuck you tikitikitembo

lets fuck shit up

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