Friday, April 2, 2010

thats a lot of blowing

scoundrels scalawags and degenerates im quite content to be birthing, from my womb of thought, this blog on, the sexiest GILF, Hans Christian Anderson’s birthday. now i love the old men as much as the next gerbil but can u imagine how amazing it would be to meet a 205 year old man? and not only is he super hot and old but hes an artist! chicks dig the artist. i know id kick a bees knees so we could both go weak for this writer, who probably put ur crying restless ass to sleep as a child and the ass of ur mother and father and probably your grandparents. the ugly duckling, the princess and the pea, thumbelina, the little mermaid. if that doesnt drench your superman (or ironman i know hes all the rage what with robert downey jr playing a damn sexy tony stark) briefs… hes 205 years old today! thats right gerbils enjoy it while you can, he only turns 205 once. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANS

lets fuck shit up

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